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Photography & Film Studio

RGZG studio is a photography and film studio based in Bruce Grove, North London.
We have the perfect spaace for you to film your projects or vlogs for your youtube channel as well as for photoshoots. We also offer a range of equipment and backdrops which are inclusive with your studio hire.

We are open from
Monday to Friday - 9am to 9pm
Saturday - 10:30am to 6:00pm
Sunday is closed unfortunately .

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We offer a full range of professional services catered to your needs, whether you need a photographer, make-up artist, videographer or just studio hire. We have it all, contact us with your brief so that we can offer you the best of our services.

Studio hire

We are available for studio hire whether its photoraphy or film & we also have montlhy hire rates at a discount. Click here for more info.


We have a highly skilled photorapher who specialises in all types of photography from family, beauty, commerical, fashion the list goes on. We deliver the best images on time & within your budget. Click here for more info.


We also have a highly skilled viedgrapher who specialises in short clip videos for social media, behind the scens footage for your campaign, aswell as vlog videos for your podcasts. Click here for more info.

Make up artist

Do you require assistance with your make up? we have the perfect experienced make up artists on hand. Whether its for your birthday, cosmetic brand, beauty or you just want your make up done for the day. Click here for more info.


We have versatile models ready to accomplish your vision, whether its for fashion, commerical shoots, beauty campaigns, music videos etc. Click here for more info.


Branding helps your define your identity and your business. Let us help you with your branding goals including logo design, website or app design.


Get in contact with us today and let us create your vision for your portfolio or brand.